Aged Allure

This collection of photographs is really touching and filled with emotion. 
As my birthday gets closer I can relate.  The turkey breaks my heart, he is too cute!

Elderly Animals
By: Isa Leshko

Marino, Bronze Turkey, Age 5

Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33

Blue, Australian Kelpie, Age 19
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30 to 30: No. 12

I volunteered at the Mennello Museum for the Act II, private tour of the exhibit
1934: A New Deal for Artists - with food and drinks.  It was very interesting.


30 days to 30: No. 5


Bronx Zoo Cobra Ring

My brother found the metal top of this ring and suggested I make a ring out of it:

Bronx Zoo Cobra Ring

I started by making a small holder for it with clay,
then I made an impression of the base before I baked it:

While the clay baked I colored the eyes
First I tried red but it did not come out right, then I tried black:

I sealed it and let it dry:

After the base came out of the oven
I colored it and glued the snake head in: 

30 days to 30: No. 2

Did what I rarely do on the weekdays: Slept all day.  Watched TV: Human Planet. Treated myself to: Taco Bell. And, rooted for him on: Kill Zone 3.  A well deserved lazy Saturday!


National Day of Silence - STFU

APRIL 15th, 2011

On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools.

Source:  Day of Silence

After the moment of silence break the cycle and speak up against homophobia. Not everyone is lucky to have support from their family and friends.  Being in many same-sex relationships I have been bashed behind my back and in my face.  It is never easy to be who you are, but it is the only way to be.  Stay true.


30 days to 30: No. 1



Today marks exactly 30 days to my 30th birthday!  This last month will wrap up what was a very interesting decade of my life.  To say farewell I will be having a shindig in a cabin in the woods surrounded by nature, friends, and family.

Good bye 20s, Hello 30s

Fashion + Architecture = Paper House

Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban has collaborated with french lifestyle brand Hermès to create a paper house pavilion on show at Milan Design Week 2011. located inside Hermès Maison, the structure follows in the architectural style of ban, constructed from paper tubes with strips of paper woven in between the vertical composition to create the house.

yes, please:

More pictures at the source

Lighting + Architecture = FLO

I love its minimal design and moving parts.
My first impression was that I have seen this design before, and sorta eh.
Price range from $500-5000.

I'll take the tallest most expensive one.


baby, I been learnin...

Medical tomes such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual are continually revised: 

“Addiction is the search for emotional satisfaction—for a sense of security, a sense of being loved, even a sense of control over life. But the gratification is temporary and illusory, and the behavior results instead in greater self-disgust, reduced psychological security, and poorer coping ability. That’s what all addictions have in common.” 


It's Yuri Gagarin Day!!!

Woo 50 years from the first human into orbit!!!!  I love space and this is such a great day.  It is frustrating to know I'll never be able to be a cosmonaut, such is life: looking at the stars and taking in the Universe is good enough for me (for now).  Maybe before I die I can go out there and help explore!

Bad Ass:

Education + Architecture: 50 Things

50 Things I didn’t learn in Architecture School

1.) Don’t send an email for everything, they live forever and get sent around

2.) Be wary of moonlighting “opportunities”, there is a reason they aren’t coming in the front door

3.) Don’t dress like an intern, get some pants that don’t say ‘Dockers’ of the back

4.) Perception is reality; it doesn’t always matter if you’re right or not

5.) Be extra nice to the I.T. person

6.) Architectural firms have different glass ceilings based on the job title - know what they are

7.) Talking like an architect makes you sound like you are trying too hard to sound like you know something

8.) Listen to people who have been around the block, they know things

9.) Pay attention to what’s important to you, learn who you are, not who you want to be

10.) All firms are wildly different, try and determine the culture of the workplace

11.) When you are sick, stay at home – nobody wants your cooties

12.) Architects work in a service industry, try and remember that you work for someone else

13.) It’s architecture not emergency surgery, mix in some hobbies during the weekend

14.) Learn how the business is run and how to sell work, it’s more important than being a designer

15.) Even when your Boss is your friend, they will fire you

16.) Most people don’t like coffee breath even if it is from Starbucks coffee

17.) Never get drunk at office functions, people will remember you forever as “that person”

18.) Being good at CAD does not make you a good architect

19.) Unless it’s in your job description, don’t get coffee for the Boss – nobody likes a suck up, not even your Boss

20.) Know what your role is and do it

21.) Your Boss doesn’t care why you didn’t do what he asked; excuses and reasons sound a lot alike

22.) Ask for opportunities; don’t wait for them to come to you

23.) Keep your outside business outside the business

24.) If your firm is outsourcing work, fix up your resume

25.) If your firm justifies long hours as “part of the training of interns” look for a different firm

26.) Be a participant in developing your career – nobody can read your mind and know what you want

27.) The eating habits you had in school should stay in school

28.) Having a graduate degree in something other than architecture can actually make you a better architect

29.) No matter how great you think you are, until your name is on the door, be prepared to do what you are asked to do

30.) Once you leave architecture school, people don’t want to talk about architecture all the time

31.) Your school portfolio doesn’t have the value you think it does and once you have a real job, expect to leave it in the closet forever

32.) Being a good designer is more about giving people what they want, not what you want

33.) You should have pulled your last all-nighter back in school, be suspicious of the firm where this pattern continues

34.) Learn how to speak well in public – take a class if needed

35.) Don’t be a jerk about sustainability; there are many priorities on a project

36.) Volunteer some of your time to charity – any charity

37.) Most architects will never live in a house that they designed for themselves

38.) Pay attention to everyone’s opinion, and treat them with respect

39.) Hand drawing is not a gift; it’s a skill and has value beyond creating pretty pictures

40.) Don’t wear sneakers to work – dress like you could have a client meeting that day

41.) Don’t yell at people even if you’re angry, and never send an email when you’re angry

42.) The person in school that you thought had terrible designs – but could talk about their project - will be your boss

43.) The person who can sell work has more value than the person who can design the work

44.) Staying up at work all night isn’t cool, get your work done during regular hours and go home to your friends and family

45.) Make friends with people who aren’t architects

46.) You will always work with someone you don’t like, find a way to make it work

47.) Running a business is difficult and stressful; the person who signs your paychecks deserves to be paid more than you

48.) Don’t burn any bridges – architects are a small community of people and you will run into the same people over and over again

49.) Read books without pictures in them every once and awhile

50.) You can’t always control your clients, if you see a project that looks really bad, maybe the client made them do it. Be nice.

List and Picture Source:

Bonnarooooooooooooo Line Up

I blue out lined the acts I want to see:
NOFX, Robyn, Gogol Bordello, Eminem, Wiz, Girl Talk, PRIMUS!!!, Mumford and sons, Scissor Sisters, ROBERT fucking PLANT, The Decemberist, Arcade Fire, Florence, Henry Rollins <3, Matt + Kim, JOHN WATERS WTF I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM IN PERSON HIS MOVIES SHAPED MY LIFE, Cheech's 420 comedy blaze, and well you get the point.

Criminally Challeneged

Street art in Hong Kong supporting Ai Weiwei
Courtesy Twitter @katiegrube
Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said "that the public security authorities are investigating Ai Weiwei according to law on suspicion of economic crimes." He also challenged the Western response, insisting, "This has nothing to do with human rights or freedom of expression." This is the first official reaction to give a sense of what is in store.



Peepers Welcomed

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Beginning May 2, the windows of Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship will unveil a series of looks curated from Ms. Guinness’s extensive fashion archives, in addition to a selection of pieces from the former wardrobe of editor and fashion icon Isabella Blow. As she articulates in the Financial Times, Ms. Guinness’s auction-stopping decision to purchase Ms. Blow’s entire archive in 2010 was an effort to keep her dear friend’s legacy intact.

Ms. Guinness’s six-week collaboration with Barneys will include a short film that provides a glimpse into her life, and several experiential moments that use the famed Barneys windows as a backdrop. Most notably, Ms. Guinness will dress for the Met’s Costume Institute Gala in the windows of the Madison Avenue flagship. It comes as no surprise that she plans to wear a look by Alexander McQueen, the designer who once counted her among his greatest muses.

The project’s launch will coincide with the opening of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Now if I can only get 2 complimentary air tickets, hotel stay and car service so I can see this: it would be a very happening May 2nd. 

Artsy Sunday

I received this package today:
New blank rings!!! :D

I decided to get it together and make a knuckle ring with my name on it.

This was the first one:
Sculpey - I prefer just white and paint it to my linking. 
I used a carrot can to flatten out the clay:


measured it out

I carved my name in and poped it in the oven for 30 mins but it came out too big


first attempt on the top very big and bulky. The second attempt; smaller and thinner:

After I baked it, I put the first layer of color

Finished Product: painted it with silver metallic enamel, made my name pop with yellow paint, and finished it with a clear protective sealer

Flaunting it

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