It's here !!!  All the hard work, all the anticipation, all the meet and greet comes to an end.  I am very excited to see the results, regarding of the outcome, I can't imagine how much fun last week was.  I never ran for anything before - I had no idea what to do, how to run a campaign, but I know marketing and I am pretty shameless = together that was my recipe.  I knew that my unconventional name needed to stick in student's mind, so a catchy sign was in order.  I am a master of dramatic expression and that Saturday walking through building 9, when I got the brilliant idea of the art installation- the "it's on" light went off.  Talking to people about the AIAS our plans for the future, what we currently do, what we have done came so natural to me.  I refused to mud sling, I did not even mention my oponents name once during the week.  I stuck to my plan, my action steps, and who I am - hopefully everyone sees that and appreciates it.  Either way, whoever wins, AIAS will get a killer new Marketing Manager.

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