Terrible? No! Awesome 2s :D

My nephew is finally 2.  His mother put it perfectly when she said:
"He is the best time keeper.  You can see time pass through him"
And she's 100 percent right.  I remember when he was born like it was yesterday.

Friday night we stayed up watching Terminator 3, dancing to Lady Gaga, fixing my room and his daddys, chasing the dogs, scrubbing marker art off his legs, then we ended it with veggie burritos before passing out at 11pm.  We are hardcore!!!

I miss his crazy ass already.


Friday Night:

mushrooms, red peppers, yellow peppers, onions, and asparagus

our dinner... he ended up eating the filling and discarding the tortilla

they went from vegan to vegetarian this quick

look ma leg tattoos!

Saturday Road Tripping:

cool sticker on the way there

pimp ass design desk

it was a balloon extravaganza

I didn't drink this but it reminded me of :D

I chucked corn for my first time

some delicious cupcakes made by my nephew's mom

<3 happy indeed - the jungle theme was perfect

better shot of the decorations

I was in charge of making sure everyone knew where the party was at

balloons in the backyard - by me

where the grandpa's cooked the yummy vegetarian burgers

his mom and aunt dee made this by hand. impressive!!!

his dad and grandpa put this canopy together

The weather did not cooperate.  It took hours to make the backyard look festive and 30 seconds for mother nature steam roll over it.  Once the skies cleared the grandpa's went outside and cooked it up!  We had a great time all around and ate like it was going out of style.

there are more pictures but I don't know where I left my camera.  I'm such a scattered bug!

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