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I am not an English teacher or a grammatical whiz; however, I cannot see this and not do anything about it:

Come on:
I know I am an anal bitch about this, but I don't care, it really bothers me.  I sent an e-mail to the editor for a fix.  It just makes the author, site and channel "look" stupid.

It's - Its
Hear - Here
Your - You're
Affect - Effect
Desert - Dessert

During our presentation in class on Tuesday, I pointed out one of my classmate's project "Black Rock Desert" was spelled "Black Rock Dessert." 
You worked on this project all of Design 3, then half of this semester for our digital class and you don't see the mistake?!  The worse part is that Black Rock Dessert was the biggest print on the 24 x 36 poster board.  Hahaha, dumb so dumb.  It really took away from his presentation.  I pointed it out, not as a gotcha, but to show that details are important.  If my architect wrote my project name wrong during the presentation that would be a major turn off.  Get it together!  I spell things like "trynna" and "ure" on text because my thumbs are lazy and I do not like sending texts that spill into two.  Outside of the texting universe I like to have proper grammar and announciation.  It might be because I am an immigrant and spend much of my time butchering the English language that I am sensitive to this issue.

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