Fly me to the moon Kood Island

The environmentally conscious chic resort Soneva Kiri.  To visit you must first get to Bangkok, Thailand where you are greeted and wisked away by the resort's awaiting private plane. Unwind and reflect in this secluded paradise.  Lets go!

For your drooling pleasures....

The Dinner

The Swing

The Waterfall


The Den



***photo: Herbert Ypma***

 The Sleep Over Pod:


all photos by: Kiattipong Panchee unless otherwise state |  for: Soneva Kiri


I did a fantasy vacation booking for fun.  The resort has a special package, including the plane transfer from Bangkok.  In total this would only run me $3K for 2nights/3days.  Now all I have to do is reach into my bottomless piggy bank and go!  The special package does not include the uber-fabulous Eco Villa

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