California Dreaming: Revealing art

I've never been to California - but I miss it!  It's an odd feeling.  Here's a happening that i'm missing out because I live somewhere south of nowhere.  It brings all my favorite things together: NUDITY and ART

From the gallery's site:

“Porn in the USA” features Jonathan Yeo's newest and most provocative works to date, including some surprising new portraits, and a version of his controversial wallpaper design unveiled recently at the new Soho House club in West Hollywood.

Immortalizing the individual in monumental proportions is what these exciting artists do best. Using the overlooked, misunderstood and mundane elements of our everyday, each artist captures our attention with their distinctive style and alternative approach. Sharing a vested interest in their individual and collective surroundings and society, they poetically express a desire for universal appreciation."

I'm jealous.  I totally wanna be there.  I wish I had money like that to jump on a plane for an art exhibition.

Source: Lazarides in L.A.

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