Design 2: FINAL, the notes

The notes below are ripped from my sketchbook.  They include thoughts and ideas that need to be represented in the FINAL:

Show a place of study/reflection/observation

1. A place of Study
*To show in this space
Focus: By making the materials direct the eye to certain areas.
Interest:  By directing the eye to catching/hidden areas in the model
Investigation: Is sparked by the interest caused by strategically placed stereotomic pieces.
Knowledge:  Is gained by studying the model.  Interest and investigation helps the self pursuit of knowledge

2. A place of Reflection
*To show in this space
Light: Brings in warmth making space accepting.  Materials will focus light into space.
Peaceful: Felt in space by the light that comes in through openings in the material
Secluded: By obscuring space with materials, space of reflection is open without being exposed

3. A place of Observation
*To show in this space
- Open: Space that is welcoming and has minimal obstructions
- Accessible: Easy to follow/clear path of elements.
- Exposed: Materials allow space to be shown.  From inside out.

Keep The Ideas of Anni Albers In Mind!!!

- Create a "weave" of materials
- Let them intertwine on different planes
- Stereotomic to represent mass.  This element adds the "pattern" of the mass.
- Basswood to represent structure.  The sticks will intersect as an overlay "pattern"
- Glass to represent places.  Try the skin/outer layer on the model. Sets the limit.

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