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Some fool hit me head on

I'm fine my car is not.  It leaked a lot of liquids!!!  It was a good day I was on the way to the gym then school but it turned crappy :( 
The good thing is that I called Progressive by the time I was done with my convo the rep had a tow truck en route and a rental waiting at the Enterprise near my house.  It was so relaxing to know that shit was taken care of and I wouldn't miss work or had to make more phone calls.

Bravo Progressive.  Fuck you dude in the white pick up!


One fabulous month with One very special man who keeps my smiling, laughing and deep in love 

Everyone should be this lucky  <3



Apple Monster

Olive is adorable and weighing in at 5 pounds (packing it on for winter)
She saw me eat an apple and started barking at me!!!  Not like a little bark but full on barking, growling and snapping at me for my apple.  I gave her a piece and she didn't even eat it!  She's a spiteful adorable bitch.

I love her to death.  

She's a pillow monster and now an apple monster!

Green Apples are the shit - can't blame her:

This is what her brother Gizmo did while she did that:

He isn't even phased!!! He knows her ass so well already.  Lets her bark it out.

Got 'Em!!!

My brother and I are back on the BONNAROOOOOOooooOoOoOoOOooOO !!!

This will be our 3rd tour (haha) we always have a shit ton of fun and make memories that are unforgettable


I know he comes with us and we can drive up there :)  Last time we drove in a 2 car caravan it was fun.
Tennessee is a beautiful State!


I saw this video today and I can relate

all too well being in a relationship that is toxic and wanting to leave but not wanting to end things.  It was a horrible existence filled with a lot of love.


 The Addams Family - Thanksgiving Play


It is Thanksgiving again - What am I thankful for this year?  Well a lot has happened. 

Thanksgiving 2011-  Being thankful:

-         Having a boyfriend who is honest and super lovable
- Being lucky enough to have a great group of loyal friends
-         Living with three dogs that are healthy and happy
-         My family is all in good health
-         Still working for a good company that pays well
-         Muscling through school even when I don’t want to
-         Holding down two officer positions (SSA and AIAS)
-         Keeping the spirit of DIY arts in my life
-         Seeing my nephew grow to a handsome young toddler
- Cherishing my close relationship with my brother

Bonnaroo 2012

Possibly the best addition for Bonnaroo 2012:

I found this at the dollar store it's a
everything you need in one :)  It's environmentally friendly since it's a re-usable glow stick

Imperial March

-so we are like engaged aren't we?-
-don't laugh baby, you know you wanna marry me. you are my future wife-
-i do. i am-

i want to be with you forever~~~

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