It is Thanksgiving again - What am I thankful for this year?  Well a lot has happened. 

Thanksgiving 2011-  Being thankful:

-         Having a boyfriend who is honest and super lovable
- Being lucky enough to have a great group of loyal friends
-         Living with three dogs that are healthy and happy
-         My family is all in good health
-         Still working for a good company that pays well
-         Muscling through school even when I don’t want to
-         Holding down two officer positions (SSA and AIAS)
-         Keeping the spirit of DIY arts in my life
-         Seeing my nephew grow to a handsome young toddler
- Cherishing my close relationship with my brother

Every year I toy with the idea of trying tofurky and always chicken out (ha!)....This year is no different :P I went to buy one but they didn't have it, I actually went to TWO stores and none had it - either the tofurky or the gardein stuffed turk'y.  Maybe I should not wait until the day before Thanksgiving to go shopping :( I keep thinking that subconsciously I do it so I do not have to try it.  My plate will be lots of sides and this one bag I bought (with resistance) gardein chick'n scallopini or some shit.  I didn't get to make my home made seitan and I know today the kitchen is off limit.  Poor planning on my part.

I guess there is always next year ;)

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