Occupying the Nothing

Nothing is always there.  When there’s conscious and none.  Through the expansions and contractions.  Nothing supersedes reality. Nothing is above emptiness.  Nothing flows through everything.  Nothing is in everything.  Nothing is in the background.  Right now Nothing is being filled.  

At the edge of the Universe it is watching the passing through. Nothing is abundant.  
Nothing in the sense that we are familiar with, but not negative.  Nothing cradles us.
There between blinks, the short burst of darkness, of Nothing.

You are nothing -  You are everything.  

Nothing is Everything.
Nothing is Power.
Nothing is above limitations.

Human Experience #11,561: Officially an Alumni

First in my family :)  I am beyond excited!  When I received the good news I teared up a little.  It's a huge deal and I am very proud that slowly but surely I got here.  I cannot wait to get the diploma and frame it.  I walk in May - I cannot wait to get my cap and gown.

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