They say one is born every minute.  I am constantly surprised that there are so many Jesus/Religious themed items that sell. I am NOT PROFITING FROM this and I should.  If they do why can't I.  Damn it, I need a shtick and need it now.

College aint gonna pay itself!
Jesus stuff = $$$

fools need bread too


Horse Drawn Nightmare!!!

this picture really upsets me :(

I just saw a news report that in NYC a family that was visiting Central Park took a horse carriage ride(mistake) and the horse collapsed twice!!!  I am a huge animal lover and carriage rides are so barbaric.  Horses are one of my favorite animals, my 2011 calendar is all about horses, their skulls are amazing! 
These carriage workers/owners in NYC and other cities need to come up with an alternative because these beautiful animals do not need to be hauling people around.
I fucking hate the mistreatment of animals.  It pisses me off so much.  Animals are voiceless, they are compliant, and they do not deserve this! It is time for one of my famous write-letter-campaign-until-someone-answers-back campaigns!!! 

NYC is a very progressive city.  They are marrying gays; now free the horses!!! 

That's right I went there.

Source:  Huffington Post

Lea Michele for animals
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