Shadows: Building 11

Building 11 is the newest addition to the Valencia Community College West Campus.  The goal is to take Building 11 and make it our own, reposition the modules as needed.  Take pictures of the models in December & June.  Choose 2 top models, construct roofs and re-take pictures.

The models were made out of chipboard and placed on white styrofoam.

I Dream of Anni Albers

The class had to take our version of Building 11 and Hanselmann House drawings and Albers it.  I read her and her husbands biography.  I threw myself into her work seeing her patterns, focusing on her colors, and reading all I can about her ideas.  There was a couple of interviews were she mentions her affinity for POP ART - so I took that as a calling.  The other drawing became a color to color, pattern to pattern representation of some of her most famous work. 



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